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The most popular online games for keeping in touch with friends

Choosing a game to play with friends can be more difficult than it appears. Of course, it has to be multiplayer, and if it’s too easy, there won’t be enough meat on the bone to keep people playing for a long time. There won’t be much room to talk and hang out if it’s too complicated.

Here’s a selection of ideal games for simply hanging out and keeping in touch with individuals on the other side of the planet. Whether you’re confined indoors or just want to preserve a long-distance friendship, these are excellent options for shooting the shit (and occasionally, some aliens).


Every Jackbox Party Pack includes various party games, ranging from simple trivia to intricate hidden-role games that are sure to cause mayhem. Only one person in the group must own the Party Pack, and the rest in the group can participate by entering the party code on the jack box. Tv.

If you’re unsure which games would be ideal for you, and I recommend the Jackbox Party Pack 3 – Tee K.O. and Quiplash XL are classics, while Trivia Murder Party and Guesspionage can be played with almost everything at any party. 6 is also great, with Push the Button alone worth the ticket price. Cass Marshall (Cass Marshall)


A tropical trip with friends, family, or a loved one can be extremely beneficial when you need to get away from it all. A virtual vacation is the next best thing when you can’t go physically. Thankfully, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is exactly that: a delightful island escape with pastimes like fishing, insect catching, gardening, and DIY building projects. You can also go on this vacation with your pals. Hang out, trade some fruit, and hear K.K. Slider, a dog singer-songwriter, performs in an intimate setting. Drink an ice-cold glass of vacation juice and relax with your buddies in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the most laid-back co-op experience of 2020. — McWhertor, Michael


Sea of Thieves is a healthy pirate game in which players are given a ship, a quest for treasure, and a slew of skeletons to vanquish. Whether you encounter other players on the sea, things get a lot more interesting; there’s a surprising amount of depth to forming alliances, deciding when to betray, and executing PvP battle maneuvers.

Sea of Thieves has worked hard to be accessible since its introduction. The Arena, a PvP mode, provides 24-minute matches of PvP combat-oriented gaming. There’s also a brand-new lesson called Maiden Voyage that can help new gamers who would otherwise get lost at sea.

Sea of Thieves’ appeal is simple: it’s the best pirate simulator on the market, and it’s packed with sandbox fun. The main drawback is that getting more than four players on a single server is tough, so larger friends may wish to find another means to play together. CM –


This choice is self-evident: who doesn’t enjoy playing with Legos? Players can construct anything they want in Minecraft, from massive underground caverns to high-tech cities. There are animals to be slain along the route, like an army of Creepers, creepy Endermen, and a swarm of pig soldiers in Hell.

Players can rent a “realm,” which can hold up to ten players at a time, or pay for a bigger private server. The greatest approach to playing Minecraft with friends is to plan out a city and have everyone work together to gather resources and construct a cohesive set of structures. However, the beauty of Minecraft is that you may do whatever you want as long as you can conceive it. CM –


While Grand Theft Auto Online had a rocky start, Rockstar has improved its ability to create intriguing continuous environments. It’s like stepping into a Fast and Furious movie when you first start playing Grand Theft Auto Online. On the other hand, Red Dead Online provides a satisfying cinematic Western experience. There are activities in both games that can accommodate more than four people, and there are lots to do.

While both games allow players to create their criminal empires, I’ve had the most fun brawling in a bar with my buddies, horseback riding, playing ping-pong with anti-gravity pistols, and passing vehicles in the street. The online games from Rockstar are a fantastic blend of pranks and scheduled activities that work well for internet play. CM –


Warframe is an enormously complex game with numerous systems to master, yet it’s also a lot of fun to play merely for the sake of the fundamental gameplay. Players control a space mecha-ninja with the ability to triple-flip and a devastating array of sci-fi weapons. Players are rewarded for completing content at all tiers because there is no typical leveling system. As a result, a veteran can assist a new player without wasting their time, and a new player can even join a few higher-level expeditions.

There is a solo campaign worth playing, but Warframe shines when players fight in spaceships or storm a high-level mission. With its customizable ships, the Empyrean expansion demonstrates that this type of gameplay in Warframe will only improve in the future. CM –


While the main storyline quests in Final Fantasy 14 are primarily solo, there is much to accomplish with companions. You may fight your way through underground waterways in search of gold, fish with friends on a massive boat, and work together to defeat difficult enemies. If you’re lucky enough to have one, you can also hang out in one of your player-made homes. Final Fantasy 14 is a terrific way to pass the time with a group online, whether you want to play through as much of the plot as possible or hang out and chat in the port town. Julia Lee (Julia Lee)