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We enjoy visiting escape rooms at normal times, both on vacation and at home. We began with an escape room in Portland, Maine, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Escape rooms are a short indoor activity for your family holiday because they usually take around an hour to finish (or fail, as the case may be).

However, visiting an escape room in person is impossible in modern times. I discovered several escape room games online while looking for a fun, challenging activity for my family. If you’re searching for something new to do but can’t make it to an actual escape room, here are some of the greatest escape room games available online.

Keep in mind that several of these games were only recently published on the internet, so things could change after posting. Leave a comment if we’ve missed any of your favorite online escape room games, and we’ll look into it.

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Escape Rooms that are both free and simple to use

Escape Room with a Harry Potter Theme

A resourceful Youth Services Librarian at McMurray’s Peters Township Public Library constructed a Harry Potter-themed internet escape room. It’s a simple adventure game, but it’s one that youngsters can complete independently. It was a lot of fun for my son and me to go through it.

The Best Online Escape Room Games

It’s free and may be accessed via a Google doc. You’ll need to go to a separate webpage, but everything in this article is linked, and it can be found here.

City of Breakthroughs

One of our favorite in-person escape rooms is Breakout Games, and this little chain has outlets all across the country. We tried (but failed) one of their wonderful, private escape rooms and can’t wait to go again.

They also have a fantastic online escape room that is completely free. Breakout City is a story about a robbery at a local bank. To finish this point-and-click game, you’ll need to solve puzzles to find the suspects.

My son and I played this game and were blown away by how interactive the internet is as you progress through the problems, the site changes. If you’re searching for a way to pass the time, it’s a terrific free choice.

Field Trips for the Escape Game

You can’t go on a field trip because you can’t leave your house? This free online escape room set in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History brings the museums to you.

During a school field trip to the museum, you become lost in the game. Before you leave, you must solve the puzzles and take a virtual tour of the museum. This game took my kid and me about 30 minutes to complete, and it was a fantastic way to tour the museum from home.

365 Escape Room Games

365 Escape offers many free tiny escape room games if you’re seeking a short escape game. Hidden object games and other online games where you must find clues and use them to escape are examples. These aren’t difficult and have no actual plots, but they’re still entertaining.

Online Escape Rooms for a Fee

You can also pay a nominal charge to participate in some online escape rooms. These are more difficult puzzles best suited for older children and when you have more time.

The Escape Game: The Heist

This challenging online escape room was a huge hit with my kids and me. You’ll start with an internet portal and a drive full of documents and clues to download. Video evidence, internet puzzles, newspaper stories, images, and much more are available.

If you need help, there’s a list on the portal’s side that you can look at. We did require hints on a few occasions and found them helpful.

Escape Rooms in Boxes (Premium)

Breakout Games also sells actual escape room boxes under the Dispatch brand. You’ll have to wait for the box to arrive, so this will take a little longer. They are also more pricey but well worth the investment!

There are now four different “rooms” available, each different length. These were once available as a subscription, but they are now all available at once. We chose it because “On the Run” is the longest and will require the most time.

Each box contains a variety of hints, such as wedding invites, paper napkins, and decoder coins. The mystery leads you online as well, with Instagram accounts, websites, phone numbers, and text messages among the clues.

A Slack channel where other players offer information if you need help while playing the game. We’re having a great time playing. Even though it is more expensive than the alternatives, we have found that it is beneficial because each box takes at least an hour to complete.

Home Escape Games and Other Physical Games

Several entertaining board game-style escape games can be enjoyed at home or on vacation. These games are ideal for teen team building and are a lot of fun.

Cold Case Crackers is a two-fold file folder mystery game. The game is divided into numerous parts, and you can examine clues and evidence both in the folders and online. If you need a hint, you can call an online tipline.

There are a variety of mysteries to solve, each of which is offered separately. It’s less of an escape room and more of a mystery, with less emphasis on puzzles and more on deciphering clues.

Escape Room Game comes in a box set with three different escape chambers. A decoder, which you use to input individual keys as you complete the riddles, is unique to this game. The battery-operated decoder counts down the clock and indicates whether you’ve worked out the correct answer.

This game comes with suggestion cards, which you can pick up at predetermined periods throughout the hour. Each game may only be played once, and it takes around an hour to complete.

Escape Rooms in Real-Time

Even if you cannot attend an escape room at this time, you can still participate in live escape rooms. We presently know of two escape rooms that offer live internet games. You must schedule an appointment online and have your computer ready at the appointed time.

We haven’t done one yet, but Breakout Games and Puzzle Break MA are two we are aware of. They’re both quite popular, so make your reservations early.

Puzzle Games on the Internet

Online games focused on rapid puzzles and problem-solving are available from The Escape Game Orlando. These aren’t online escape rooms; instead, they’re simple puzzles to solve.