Dungeon Dwellers

Gaming Strategies for kids and Adults

Before we get started on the game list, there are a few different ways to bring classic games for free or for a small cost. We constantly suggest investing in fantastic software that you enjoy!

GOG.COM: There’s a good chance the game you’re looking for has been remastered and is available on GOG.

Steam classic: Steam, like GOG, has a large library, including many classics that are often cheaper than GOG.

FROM THE PUBLISHER: If the game has gone through several editions, the publisher is likely to have made the original version available for free. It’s worth a look!

DOSBOX: Try this DOS emulator if you wish to relive the glory days of DOS commands. You might want to refresh your memories by visiting the PC Gaming Wiki!

IN BROWSER EMULATORS: Many websites, such as Classic Reload, Classic Games, and Arcade Spot, allow you to load and play the game for free in a browser-based emulator. It isn’t easy to save game progress, and games can take a long to render.

We’d never be able to agree on a top ten or even top twenty games. Instead, we’ve divided our favorites into genres so you can jump to the one you want. We’ve also completed the assignment and compiled all the activities and resources in the help below. Let’s get this party started!


Within our crew, this was by far the most popular category. We have a soft spot in our hearts for games like Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, and Sam n Max Hit the Road…

KINGS QUEST (1984): The fantastic series Kings Quest is at the top of the list. It’s a point-and-click adventure with a storyline and thousands of items to click on (and die from clicking on). The series is available on GOG.

MYST (1993): At the time, Myst had stunning visuals. It’s both divinely gorgeous and wonderfully difficult to look at. There are so many complicated riddles and components to discover in this non-linear sandbox game that it’s a real-time suck. The developers have made a free-to-play version available here.

LEISURESUIT LARRY (1987): A goal to get Larry bedded in this incredibly non-PG game. Larry died a lot, and he died quickly. In terms of sexual health, treatment of sex workers, and well… anything, the game hasn’t stood the test of time, but it sure does bring back some memories of playing it (probably) far too early. Larry is available on Steam.


We chose them because of the skill level required to finish them or how much skill you’ll need to grow to complete them. Mortal Kombat, for example, has continued to evolve from selling new versions today. We wish some of these had decided to join them…

COMMANDER KEEN (1990): This is a popular series based on this highly addicting, colorful side-scrolling game. With a makeshift starship, rayguns, and a pogo stick, you must protect the Earth and the cosmos against unknown dangers. Simple! On Steam, you may play Commander Keen 1.

JILL OF THE JUNGLE (1992): In 1992, a shareware (free) version of this arcade-style Nintendo game was released. To hook you or spike you (which happens a lot during gameplay). Jill was an entertaining and challenging game that was eventually abandoned in favor of the cult classic Jazz Jackrabbit. Here you can play Jill of the Jungle.

DIGGER (1983): Digger is incredible. The game’s purpose, similar to an updated Pacman, is to dig horizontal and vertical tunnels to retrieve wealth while avoiding monsters. It’s a lot of fun. Here you may play Digger for free.


The classic Wolfenstein kickstarted the 3D evolution of the FPS genre. Anyone who has played some of these classic games understands the feeling of being on the verge of something new. What dangers will be present? Is there enough ammunition for me? Is it necessary for me to save the game first? Yes is always the answer.

DOOM (1993): The first time I played this immediate gaming hit, I was terrified and amazed. With visual textures mapped onto 3D objects, tension-raising music, and monsters that moved around and interacted with each other for the first time, the game introduced a completely new vision for 3D gameplay.

RISE OF THE TRIAD (1995): This Wolfenstein sequel is on the list mostly because it is completely strange. While games like Duke Nukem 3D and Rise of the Triad deserve a genre mention (there is one), Rise of the Triad was weird from beginning to end. “Dog Mode” transforms you into an unstoppable dog, “Shrooms Mode” puts everything trippy, and “Elasto Mode” causes you to bounce off walls.


This is a genre that you may lose yourself in for days. As a result, playing a simulation game on a simulator is unlikely. Fortunately, many of them are available for a low price on GOG or Steam. Conquering the world takes time.

SIM CITY 2000 (1993): Maxis published a Sim City game in 1989, followed by the strangely occupied Sim Ant and Sim Life. Sim City 2000 was the franchise’s greatest and best improvement. The graphics were improved, the controls were more complex, and the game was a lot of fun to play.