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5 Amazing Free Fantasy Map Builders

Being a Dungeon Master in Dungeons & Dragons can be a great experience. It is only possible for some to create beautiful maps, but they still want their players to be able to refer to them. We will look at the best D&D map builders and reveal what makes each unique. We hope you can use these tools to create maps for your campaign.


Donjon has many world-building tools. Fractal World Generator is my favorite tool from this site. The map generator allows Dungeon Masters to alter the map’s shape and dictate how much water or ice land on the map. You can also change the map’s color, but I prefer the default Atlas theme they use for their map. I use the square setting. This is my latest creation. 

The site also contains the Fractal Word Generator. It also has a fantasy name generator and a calendar generator. A secondary world generator uses different tools than a fractal generator. You can also use the inn generator, random dungeon generator, and town generator. This site offers many world-building features.


Incarnate, a powerful mapping tool, has a free version. Although the free version is less potent than the standard and pro packages, it’s still a great deal. Incarnate, unlike the other two, allows you to create your continents, populate them with different colors, the stamp images such as trees, castles, and bridges, and place text on the map. These can be done in a grid format which is excellent for creating a battle map. This tool also allows you to generate hex or freeform designs. It is still very robust, and it’s something I enjoy doing every day.

I have not used the Pro or Standard versions. Please comment below if you have any experience with them.


The DGNFog is my favorite dungeon-creation software for fantasy games. This mapping software is perfect for the fog of war dungeon crawling. This software is designed to make your players unaware of what might be lurking around the corner. The software also includes Game Master notes that allow you to keep track of the descriptions and contents of each room as you work.

We are talking about maps, so what do these have to offer? This is the right tool for you if narrow corridors and large rooms with furniture, statues, or trapdoors are what you’re looking for. It is straightforward to use, and there are many things you can do with the free version. It will ask you to create an account if you’re interested in DGNFog, just like Incarnate.

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Maker

This map generator is a personal favorite of mine. The latest version of the map generator offers many possibilities. A toolbox allows you to control the generator and show different options, such as texture, the height of continents, or biomes for each region of the globe. It can show the spread of religion, borders and populations, icons, roads, and rivers.

You can also view the map in three views: a Globe, 3D, or standard. The style tools allow you to adjust the map’s layout, such as changing the colors or names of countries and adjusting the design for the land masses. I like the paper-like look they provide. This map generator allows you to create genuinely stunning maps.

Watabou Medieval Fantasy City

Watabou is an excellent city generator. The randomly generated city map generator will give you a name and a generated cityscape. You can adjust the size to suit your needs. Several color options are available if you prefer a different look than the black and gray default map.

You can drag and drop shapes onto the map, and it will automatically regenerate the area. You can also make changes to the generated map, populating your new neighborhood in real-time. You can find Watabou City Generator by clicking the link below.

Wonderdraft (PAID)

This little bonus is for everyone. Although this is a paid program, Wonderdraft is my favorite mapping software. It has easy-to-use continent builders, and you can create unique maps. You get what your spend for. This editor can create any map you want. This editor reminds me of Incarnate, but it is far more user-friendly, and I have a better chance of creating stunning maps with this system.

ProFantasy Campaign Cartographer

Another bonus is the ProFantasy Campaign Cartographer. This map maker was introduced to me recently. It includes many features people are familiar with in Incarnate, including icons and stamps. However, it also has an extensive library that allows unlimited map creation possibilities. You can choose from many different styles of maps. You could select a plain black-and-white map or a Lord of the Rings map. This system is like photoshop for fantasy map creation. This bonus entry is due to an upfront fee for the software.


That’s all I have to say for today. These companies did not pay me, but I wanted to let everyone know my favorite things. Are there any map builders free of charge that I still need to mention? Leave a comment below to let me know. You can find more information at dickwizardry.com.

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